Case Study - Growing Success

Delve into the story of Planter, a company dedicated to cultivating green spaces and fostering environmental stewardship through its simple yet impactful website.

Web Design, SEO


Planter is a forward-thinking company dedicated to promoting sustainable living and environmental stewardship through its innovative approach to landscaping and gardening. With a mission to cultivate green spaces and foster a deeper connection with nature, Planter offers a range of services and products aimed at empowering individuals and businesses to create vibrant and eco-friendly outdoor environments.

Through its holistic approach to sustainable landscaping and community engagement, Planter has made a significant impact in promoting environmental sustainability and fostering a deeper appreciation for nature.

By empowering individuals and businesses to make greener choices, Planter is helping to create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

What we did

  • Design
  • SEO

What truly set CipherCode apart was their exceptional communication and collaboration. They kept us informed throughout the entire development process, ensuring transparency and clarity at every stage. Whenever we had questions or concerns, their team was always accessible and responsive, providing prompt solutions and guidance.

Jackie Sloan
Stakeholder at Planter

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